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April 2021
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Life’s a gift — make it colorful! My intent with this blog is to share ideas, inspiration, and how-to’s about fun, colorful, and practical ways to make and use Origami items. From time to time I’ll also share intriguing information about origami and its appearance in various books, articles, movies, etc. I am not a purist –I just enjoy making inexpensive, colorful creations and coming up with clever ways to use them. With many of the projects I do my best to provide understandable instructions (using basic English and photographs rather than standard Origami symbols…) as well as ideas for how you can use the results — generally for decorating, entertaining, fundraising, or gift-giving. For more complex projects, or projects that take me a long time to figure out and explain, I will create some inexpensive dvd’s for you to download and enjoy.  I hope you will enjoy the site and share your comments and ideas!

Parent Business:  Concept:Creative

Easy Origami Crafts  is part of Concept:Creative in Cupertino, California. Concept:Creative works with   non-profits, churches, and small businesses providing marketing communications, consulting, and fund development services. We have worked with dozens of churches in Calfiornia and Nevada and helped them to raise millions of dollars. We obtain new clients through primarily through referrals but welcome inquiries. We are also working on some “packaged” materials and services to assist churches and other organizations in the design and implementation of effective efforts to raise funds both for major projects and for ongoing activities. If you would like to join the e-mail list to be notified of our progress and offerings, please send an e-mail with your request.
 About Me (Nancy Jenks)

I have a BA and MBA (Wellesley and the Tuck School at Dartmouth), and 20+ years corporate sales and marketing experience. I have discovered that my joy is to use my intelligence, energy, humor and creativity to amuse and inspire others, helping them in the process to do, be and enjoy more – in life, in business, in general.  I enjoy teaching origami classes on cruise ships and in local workshops.