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Delightful Origami Santa's


Are these not adorable? This origami Santa was designed by Linda Mihara. I took her class at the 2009 Pacific Coast Origami Conference and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, it was an afternoon class and my brain was over-full from the day’s instructions.  I didn’t get the figure quite right and later could not […]

Money Origami: Folded Origami Heart

This model is a lot of fun to make and to share… great for leaving an unusual tip for great service, making an out-of-the-ordinary cash gift, or simply entertaining people. The example below uses a U.S. $1 bill:

1.  I like to start with George Washington face up. Use as crisp a bill as […]

Origami Lamp Shade (a.k.a. Shadow Column)


This model was originally designed by Tomoko Fuse, one of the preeminent living Japanese Origami Masters. It is a wonderful example of what you can create using only the more basic of Origami folds: “valley folds” and “mountain folds”. The model is an intriguing geometric form in its own […]

Origami Cross

This is a simple model created from a single, long and narrow strip of paper. Quilling paper works well if you happen to have  that on hand — it’s often available at craft stores like Michael’s as well as online. But you can use any kind of paper that is available in large enough sheets […]

Origami Bowl Instructions


A happy little riot of bougainvillea from my back yard


 Check my previous post for a discussion of this project — this post provides the how-to. Don’t be put off by the  length of the photo instructions — I have just tried to be very clear for beginners, as abbreviated or graphical instructions […]

Treat Packets How-To

Check my previous post for a discussion of this project — this post provides the instructions.

This is truly a simple set of folds; these diagrams will allow you to create a straightforward cup (at first without a lining). Following these I will provide a set of photos which show the process when adding the parchment […]