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Origami Handbook

This is a correction to a post I did a while back….The book I meant to recommend is by Rick Beech, called “The Origami Handbook – the classic art of paperfolding in step-by-step contemporary projects.”  It is a favorite because it not only includes lots of fun models (among my favorites: a Pecking Crow “action […]

Happy Valentines Day!

I know, this is long overdue and late for Valentine planning — my apologies! But if you’re a last-minute type like I am you may enjoy this cute, clever and relatively easy stand-up heart. There are a couple of slightly tricky steps but I’ve tried to make my instructions and diagrams easy to understand….

All you […]

Spring Flower in a Vase

Celebrate Spring and oncoming Summer with these cheerful, easy to fold flowers, each with its own coordinated plant holder. For the flowers pictured above, I used small pieces of colorful papers 3″ square. The patterns shown here are from a pack of 300 sheets of floral print chiyogami, which I found at (an excellent […]

Cruising with Origami

Take a cruise, learn a craft — or teach one! Did you know that you can “earn” cruises by speaking or teaching on board? I do so regularly and have had some wonderful adventures as a result. Learn how you can earn free cruises here!

Delightful Origami Santa's


Are these not adorable? This origami Santa was designed by Linda Mihara. I took her class at the 2009 Pacific Coast Origami Conference and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, it was an afternoon class and my brain was over-full from the day’s instructions.  I didn’t get the figure quite right and later could not […]

Origami Cross

This is a simple model created from a single, long and narrow strip of paper. Quilling paper works well if you happen to have  that on hand — it’s often available at craft stores like Michael’s as well as online. But you can use any kind of paper that is available in large enough sheets […]

Happy Halloween


OK, this isn’t Origami — but I had to give a nod to Halloween and show off my Halloween Eggs. The nest is made of papier maiche, so at least paper is involved.  And it highlights one of my other passions: eggs! This was a Martha Stewart Project from her October 2004 magazine. You […]