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Trade Your Skills for a Cruise

Yes it IS possible — and not just for professional speakers and teachers. I have a blast teaching Origami on cruises. You can get the program I used to land these gigs by clicking here:
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Or, read more in Daniel Halls article below:



Your Talents For a Free Cruise
By Daniel Hall

Copyright 2007



It’s true!  You can trade your talents for free (or substantially discounted) luxury cruises.   Cruise line management is very interested in keeping their passengers happy at all times.  This goal is a bit more challenging on days when the ship’s at sea.  To address this issue the cruise lines offer all manner of onboard activity.  Many of these activities are staffed by outside people who typically cruise free or at discounted fees paid to booking agencies.  One key advantage is the time commitment, which is generally minimal for those who are contracted (usually an hour per day on days when the ship’s at sea).  Also, most outside contractors get to bring along a traveling companion who also cruises free.


You may consider whether you could trade your talents for free cruises.  To assist in your self-assessment here is a list of positions typically staffed by outside people:


Enrichment Lecturer:  Many cruise lines have formal enrichment programs that offer edutainment type programs in a variety of topics.  A majority of these programs use destination-driven lectures although many lines will also consider general interest topics.


Arts and Crafts Instructors:  Craft classes are an onboard staple at sea.  Projects range from so called “high art” like watercolor classes to simple macramé projects.  Typically, the more popular classes are those that are also destination related, i.e. handicraft or folk art of one of the countries on the itinerary.


Dance Instructors:  These classes too are often related to the destinations being visited, i.e., Line dances (Texas); Meringue (Dominican Republic); Salsa (Puerto Rico), Samba (Brazil), Tarantella (Italy) etc..  Obviously you must have happy feet and know your business, but there is much fun to be had.


Bridge Players:  If you enjoy playing bridge and have a “knack” for it, you can spend a couple hours a day in the game room playing in exchange for your cruise.  Many times a requirement here is that your traveling companion must be ready, willing and able to sit in on a game should a pair need to be completed in order to play.


Gentleman Host:  Single? Chatty? Happy feet?  Impeccable manners? Gentleman will be expected to appropriately entertain unescorted ladies on the cruise.   Dancing and polite company are the stock in trade for this onboard position.


Computer Instructors: Many cruise lines are very interested in contracting with folks who can deliver a series of onboard computer classes.


The list does not end here.  Many cruise lines will consider any kind of tasteful and interesting activity.  In any event, trading your talents for free cruises is worth investigating further.


Daniel Hall, has cruised the world as an onboard speaker and is teaching others to do the same through his program Speak on Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps to a Lifetime of Free Cruises.  Get started with your free special report at